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We Are Certified and Experienced in the Gentle Activator Adjustment Chiropractic Treatment

Many people who need chiropractic care are hesitant to set up their appointment because they think all adjustments are rough. The truth is that there are a variety of techniques to fit each patient and if you are in need of chiropractic care we can treat you with the effect Activator Adjustment method. Armeli Chiropractic has your Mendota Heights chiropractic treatment option if you are fearful of your first visit.


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What Is the Activator Adjustment Method?

The Activator Adjustment method is less aggressive, but just as effective as other methods because a small hand-held instrument that is specialized for the technique is used to apply a fast gentle force to the targeted areas. Many chiropractors use a method of spinal manipulation with their hands call the high-velocity low-amplitude thrust. This method, while not painful, is more direct and perhaps rougher than the activator method. The activator method is a tool-assisted way to perform the same action with less force while being just as effective. 

The tool is spring-loaded and allows the chiropractor who is trained and experienced in its use to perform adjustments faster with less force than they would with their hands. This is because the tool works faster than the hands so the muscles do not have time to tense up as a resistance response to the gentle pressure. Most people claim that this method calmed their fears of chiropractic care and left them in no pain. The treatment is over quickly and there is less torque to the joints. 

Who Can It Help?

Specifically, patients who need a chiropractic adjustment, but are in too much pain to handle a regular adjustment. Activator adjustments are a great option for those with osteoporosis, elderly patients, those too sore for manual adjustment due to an injury or chronic condition, and those who are fearful of the movements and “popping” sound of a regular, manual adjustment. 

The Activator Method is effective for treating conditions such as chronic headaches, many types of back pain, and neck pain. It is ideal for people of all ages and is considered one of the gentlest chiropractic methods. 

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Contact us at Armeli Chiropractic if you are in need of chiropractic care. Do not let fear make you hesitate to start your journey on the path to recovery and full-body wellness. We will respect your boundaries and make sure you are comfortable with each chiropractic technique we perform. We serve patients from, in, and around the Mendota Heights area. Call today to schedule your appointment, 651-688-0736. 


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